Daily Potomac flow and demand update (Wednesday 2019-10-23)

River flow at Point of Rocks has been above our drought monitoring trigger of 2000 cfs for the past two days, and the Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center's streamflow forecasts indicate that flows will remain above this level for the next week. Therefore, daily monitoring will be discontinued until further notice. Thank you all for your contributions to the monitoring effort!

Recent basin-wide average precipitation (above Little Falls):

(based on CO-OP's Low Flow Forecast System analysis of Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center (MARFC) gridded multisensor precipitation estimates)

Yesterday's area-weighted average basin precip: 0.57491 (inches)

Past 3-day cumulative area-weighted average basin precip: 1.01276 (inches)

Past 7-day cumulative area-weighted average basin precip: 1.6669 (inches)

Daily Flows:

Little Falls gage flow 2019-10-22: 1648 MGD (2550 cfs)

Little Falls gage flow 2019-10-23: 1842 MGD (est., based on recently available real time data) (2850 cfs)

Note: Gage flow at Little Falls is measured after water supply withdrawals.

Point of Rocks flow 2019-10-22: 1415 MGD (2190 cfs)

Point of Rocks flow 2019-10-23: 1506 MGD (est., based on recently available real time data) (2330 cfs)

Yesterday's Net Potomac withdrawal (2019-10-22):

FW Corbalis withdrawal (Potomac): 78 MGD

WSSC Potomac withdrawal: 153 MGD

Aqueduct withdrawal: 129 MGD

Loudoun withdrawal: 10 MGD

Total Potomac withdrawal: 370 MGD