Daily Potomac flow and demand update (Wednesday 2021-08-11)

River flows have responded to yesterday’s storm events. Precipitation in the basin over the past 24 hours was scattered, with trace amounts in most areas but up to an inch and a half in some locations. The National Weather Service forecast calls for accumulations of 0.10 to 0.50 inches in the basin during the next three days.

Daily flows:
Little Falls gage flow 2021-08-10: 931 MGD (1440 cfs)
Little Falls gage flow 2021-08-11: 1209 MGD (est., based on recently available real time data) (1870 cfs)
Note: Gage flow at Little Falls is measured after water supply withdrawals.
Point of Rocks flow 2021-08-10: 995 MGD (1540 cfs)
Point of Rocks flow 2021-08-11: 1151 MGD (est., based on recently available real time data) (1780 cfs)

Yesterday's Washington metropolitan area Potomac River withdrawals and discharges (2021-08-10):
Fairfax Water Corbalis withdrawal (Potomac): 127 MGD
WSSC Water Potomac withdrawal: 125 MGD
Washington Aqueduct withdrawal: 135 MGD
Loudoun Water withdrawal: 11 MGD
Loudoun Water Broad Run discharge: 0 MGD
Total Potomac withdrawal: 398 MGD
Total net Potomac withdrawal: 398 MGD

Loudoun Water drought operations protocol river flow values (based on yesterday's flows):
QPR: 1540 cfs
QPR, obs: 1540 cfs
QPR, WS: 0 cfs